Waves of Emotion

Waves have always fascinated me. While I cannot surf to save myself, although I give it good go when I can, there is just something the ocean is able to do to captivate me.  It’s always a transforming experience whenever I get the time to get to the beach, find a quiet place by the rocks or on the roof balcony of my favourite beach, Woonona, and watch the waves and surf roll in.

Even just going for a quiet walk along the shoreline to hear and listen to the swell and allowing the sea breeze to embrace me – it always has me coming back a better person; it’s life changing.

The sheer power waves come rushing in with, as they crash into the shoreline, can either be awe inspiring or terrifying -depending the circumstances that make them way. King tides and tsunamis we know can cause all sorts of destruction – there’s just nothing that can stop them with the force they have.

Waves also have many different colours they churn up as they roll and tumble. Depending on the angle you’re watching them from, you can see all kinds of blues, aqua, greens and yellows.

For the first time in a long time, I’ve found myself painting. I’m not sure why, I’ve been creative in other ways: music, writing and drawing; painting just hasn’t been on the radar. I was watching a documentary on Modern Art and the Post-Impressionism of the late 1800’s and Abstract Expressionism of the 1950’s, and it inspired me to put on canvas how to visualise how my mind has been. The work of Vincent Van Gogh and Edvard Munch has always been an influence on me, as has more recently, Jackson Pollock.

I visualised this wave in my mind, filled with colour: all kinds of blues and greens (aqua, turquoises, teals) that encapsulate the peace and beauty of the ocean, however I also incorporated black, grey, and shades of purple to show its volatility. At any moment the ocean can change from a peaceful, ripe tides brought about storms or inclement weather. I’ve used yellow and orange tints to keep the hope alive, that while darkness maybe threating underneath or in the background, there will always be light.

The last few years have taught me emotions, especially the last two, are kind of like waves. The 21st Century mind has so much going through it these days that we never have moments where silence reigns supreme.  The mind of today has a lot running through it; finding peace is a challenge.

The mind like the ocean can turn at any moment; they are as complex and as volatile as each other.

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